Number of world servers: 8

Total Number of Guilds: 42714

Total Number of Characters: 1569448

A real guild has at least 24 members

Report run at August 4, 2014, 3:20 pm

The All-Seeing Oracle's eye is upon all the worlds of D&D Online!

Constantly scrying, the Oracle watches the heroes of Eberron and the Forgotten Realms. The Guilds they have formed are accounted for. Mighty and weak, vast and miniscule, all have been measured.

Would you know the truth? Do you dare to know the true leaders of your world? Then select it above and be awed by the Oracle's providence.

Select your world mortal, and know all that is knowable!

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11-18 23:48:00
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#DDO Hardcore season 2019 in a picture.

This special Traffic Report shows VIPs and Season Pass holders hopped on approx 328,000 times over the Hardcore server's 90 day lifetime, seemingly without taking traffic away from the main servers. Looks like a winner.

08-02 20:22:00
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What is the life cycle of a #DDO bug? Looks a lot like a bill! Play this (I'm Just a Bill) and read along

I'm just a pill,
A bitter ol' pill, 
Rolling down from Turrbine hill
Well, it's a long, long journey
On the needs-fixed gurney
It's a long, long wait
For the player committee
But I know I'll be a patch some day
At least I hope and pray that I will
But for now I'm such a bitter pill

"Gee, pill, you certainly have a lot of patience and courage"

"Well, I got this far.  When I started I wasn't even a pill, I was just a fail. Some folks playing the game
decided they wanted the bug fixed, so they filed a bug report, and Turbine said 'Thank you for your
bug report.'  Then they sat down and filed it into the bug system, and I became a bug, and I'll remain
a bug until they decide to make me a patch"

I'm just a pill,
A bitter ol' pill, 
A bug that made it to Turrbine hill
Well, now I'm stuck in reporting
And I'll sit here and wait
While engineering has a debate

Whether they should let me be a patch, 
How I hope and pray that they will, 
But for now I'm just a bitter pill

"Listen to those players arguing! Is all the anger and malice about you?"

"Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones.  Most bugs never even get looked at by engineering. I hope they 
decide I'm worth fixing, otherwise I may become a feature."


"Yeah, become a permanent part of the game.  Oooh, but it looks like I'm actually
a problem!  NOW I go to the senior engineering team and they consider fixing me"

"If they fix you, what happens?"

"Then I go over to quality control and the whole thing starts all over again"

"On no!"

"Oh yes!"

I'm just a pill,
A bitter ol' pill, 
A bug that made it past Turrbine hill

Well, I'm off to the programmers
Where I wait as a line
With a other line items
That need be assigned
And if the coder saves the day, 
How I hope and pray that he will, 
but for now, I'm just a bitter pill

"You mean even if all the players scream you need to be fixed, the coder can still say no?"

"Yes, that's called god mode.  Even if management ok's me, and the player base is
screaming, the only person that can actually do anything about it is the engineer,
and if he decides it's not worth it?"

"By that time, it's very unlikely you'll become a patch.
It's not easy to become a patch is it?"


But I hope and pray that I will. But today, I'm a bitter pill.

"He rewrote you!  Bug, you're a patch!"

"Oh yeah!!!"

07-14 06:01:00
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#DDO downtime got you down? Check out the Oracle's new Wayback Machine! Revisit the guilds of 2013 and travel time!

To 'celebrate' the anniversary of the loss of DDO character data a year ago, the Oracle has brought forth ? the Wayback Machine!

The Wayback Machine contains the guilds and guild rosters of all the worlds of DDO, as they were last scryed in May of 2013. Beyond this, they also include the previous guild members and members who were no longer active. The Oracle is serious about watching you.

Find out who used to be in your guild. Find your character build from 2013. Reminisce about guildies long gone, or be surprised to see who used to be in your guild. For DDO is community both across the Earth, and across time.

02-24 04:06:00
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The Oracle releases new Oracle Trax - realtime DDO server activity for your website!

And now for something completely different - the Oracle is now serving up DDOracle Trax, a graphic designed for DDO fansites that shows the current server loads for the last 4 hours, updated every hour.

Currently 2 sizes are available, the 240x400 banner standard size, and a 480x800 high-res version (.big.png) with extra detail if you'd like to offer a Zoom feature. Linking the graphic to the Oracle's Traffic Report would be much appreciated, and we'll see how it goes. Adding it to your own website is as simple as the following code snippet:

<a style="border: 0" href="http://ddoracle.com/Traffic.html" alt="The DDOracle Traffic Report">
  <img width="240" height="400" src="http://ddoracle.com/serverLoadTicker.png"> 

Currently the ticker is updated on the hour. It fits well in the current size, but if you'd like a different size please ask.

As this is an entirely new kind of feature, this may evolve considerably as we get feedback. In the meantime, enjoy!

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