Number of world servers: 8

Total Number of Guilds: 42714

Total Number of Characters: 1569448

A real guild has at least 24 members

Report run at January 30, 2014, 2:58 am

04-16 00:33:02

How long has the Oracle been watching?

Almost 3 years. The Oracle knows if you've been naughty or nice, even back then.

04-16 00:30:23

How often are reports updated?

Originally it was daily, but as the Oracle looked deeper in to the worlds, the amount of information and the time it takes to process it has grown enormously. Currently there's no fixed schedule, but it's updated at least once a week.

04-16 00:20:23

What do these terms mean?

Real Guild

A Real Guild is defined as having at least 25 members. Some reports are based on percentages, as in the 'Most Halfing' Guild. With that, anyone single-person guild would rank as 100% halfing and top the chart, so guilds below the threshold aren't included in those reports

Active Character

An active character as reported by DDO, someone who has been played in the last 6 months.

Active Guild

A guild that has at least 1 active character in it.

All Characters

All the characters in DDO, active or not. Turbine doesn't appear to ever delete characters, but they do archive them after a while.

04-16 00:20:06

"I have an idea for?" or "Hey, can you figure out?.?"

If you have a question or an idea, feel free to send it along. Several of the reports came from answering questions players had, and a couple were suggested on the forums. Either find the Oracle in game, or catch up on Twitter via @DDOracle

04-16 00:19:54

Will I see you in game?

The Oracle is on all the worlds of DDO, feel free to say hi. That said, the original test & development server for the Oracle was Thelanis and that's where the Oracle is most likely to be found.

04-14 00:29:00

This is just the MyDDO data, right?


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