Number of world servers: 8

Total Number of Guilds: 42714

Total Number of Characters: 1569448

A real guild has at least 24 members

Report run at January 30, 2014, 2:57 am

The All-Seeing Oracle's eye is upon all the worlds of D&D Online!

Constantly scrying, the Oracle watches the heroes of Eberron and the Forgotten Realms. The Guilds they have formed are accounted for. Mighty and weak, vast and miniscule, all have been measured.

Would you know the truth? Do you dare to know the true leaders of your world? Then select it above and be awed by the Oracle's providence.

Select your world mortal, and know all that is knowable!

Recent updates

01-20 22:34:12
Posted to Twitter

The Oracle is starting to wonder if the #LotRO crowd realizes what the new LorRO Traffic report is?

It's been a week since the Oracle has added the new Traffic Report for Lord of the Rings Online., but outside of a considerate retweet the LotRO crowd has been pretty quiet.

Given how popular and how closely watched the DDO Traffic Report has been, this is somewhat surprising? Who knows.

Since LotRO traffic is now a standard report, the previous special report Perspectives has been removed. Now either side can see how the other half lives at any time, just need to figure out where it goes on the menu!

08-10 05:50:12
DDOracle post

With all the people watching the #DDO traffic, the Oracle felt it was time for some Perspective. A new special report at www.ddoracle.com

Interest in DDO traffic is at an all time high and your Oracle has tried to keep things very fresh. Still, there is a sense that people want more and thus it was time for another special report. Your Oracle brings you Perspectives, a first hand look into a day (today) in life in Lord of the Rings Online.

No, that's not a graphic error. There are more servers than will fit on the legend, more servers than the Oracle could find colors for, and yes, that's the traffic for a single day.

Lord of the Rings Online? You watch Lord of the Rings Online?!?
I like to watch.

The glass half-full and glass half-empty factions may begin their earnest debate now.

07-17 05:21:01
Posted to Twitter

Today's Traffic Report shows Wayfinder is still making gains, but _what_ is up with Ghallanda the last 2 weeks?!?

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