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Total Number of Guilds: 42714

Total Number of Characters: 1569448

To celebrate the (belated) 1 year anniversary of the death of DDO character data, the Oracle brings you ... the Wayback Machine!

Relive your youth, toast fallen comrades and remember what that one jerk's name was. All are now possible with this snapshot of the Way Things Were in May of 2013.

But note, not even the dead are hidden from the Oracle's All Seeing Eye. Characters in grey are past members of the guild or archived from lack of play.

Shadows of Death on Wayfinder -- Active: 47 - Total: 119
Mournblades Son of the MoonLeader16Rog4/Mnk12
Alaun AndrestarOfficer9Sor9
Albaran ShadowwalkerOfficer12Ran7/Rog5
Armistance Officer5Art5
Astra Officer20Brd6/Rog14
Dyfenbachia Officer12Brb1/Brd10/Fig1
Ganthage GrimsytheOfficer7Fig7
Grimtooth Officer11Fig11
Handssolo Officer11Fig9/Rog2
Limha Officer4Mnk4
Lonewolf Officer5Brb5
Marauder Officer12Fig12
Meltu Officer13Sor13
Messerschmit Officer15Brd11/Fig2/Ran2
Moerder Officer4Pal1/Sor1/Mnk2
Pentan Officer2Ran1/Rog1
Solomeo Officer10Rog2/Art8
Vladiric the Death KnightOfficer3Rog1/Wiz2
Archimedes TeknitesOfficer4Art4
Ashblade DreDzOfficer6Pal6
Badcouch Officer8Brb3/Fig4/Ran1
Brayer MontcalmOfficer6Pal6
Crow OaktreeOfficer6Wiz6
Cure Light WoundsOfficer5Fvs5
Deathsmask The DestoryerOfficer4Brb2/Fig2
Dharok DreadbringerOfficer2Fig2
Dragonzstal Officer4Brd4
Garflive tinayOfficer5Brb1/Fig4
Ishra Officer4Rog4
Jaelar ZyridOfficer4Wiz4
Lindolin EvailOfficer4Rog4
Msmecha Officer5Fig1/Rog4
Nyssa Orcale of the HighOfficer4Mnk3/Fvs1
Penta Officer2Brb1/Rog1
Profanity CursesOfficer6Cle5/Fig1
Rah Officer8Sor8
Rayn The Death DealerOfficer3Brb1/Rog2
Remmel D'NaitheOfficer11Sor11
Sanfull sanfullOfficer4Wiz4
Staven of Signal MountainOfficer5Ran3/Rog2
Swani NasenbeisserOfficer9Brb9
Synina SongbladeOfficer3Brd3
Tzu The AssassinOfficer5Rog4/Mnk1
Xarcane Officer12Ran11/Rog1
Acaste Member12Wiz12
Amethysts Astral AssaultMember12Rog12
Bbuzzsaw IbringppainMember5Art5
Bhaal Member3Rog1/Wiz2
Bombsquad Member3Rog1/Wiz2
Corpsehealer of ClanSKulSpliterMember4Cle3/Ran1
Dara Member4Rog4
Drakan FannoMember2Cle2
Elianor AndrestarMember5Wiz5
Gesundheit Member4Cle4
Heino Member6Wiz6
Imoen Member3Cle3
Itchyvingus lady long lipsMember1Fvs1
Jadeheart Night StarMember7Cle7
Kriemhild Member4Sor4
Lasanha BoaMember3Fig3
Legoloss Member3Ran3
Love Member4Rog4
Magsasaka Member4Brb4
Mindblaster Member4Ran4
Mine Member4Rog4
Mongodestroy Member3Fig3
Mosco TigerMember4Brb4
Olog Member2Brb2
Pohpoh ImperialSpacePoliceDMember4Rog4
Seraphim Member4Fvs4
Sorce Member3Brb3
Stephenei Member3Sor3
Surva the dragon huntMember2Pal1/Sor1
Yalthoon of the deepMember4Wiz2/Mnk2
Asome oneMember3Art3
Brick BattlehammerMember3Fig3
Brykiller killerMember2Brb2
Chriiz JordanMember3Pal3
Clu Member15Fig13/Pal2
Corpseeater the damn of the deadMember6Cle6
Cricco Member3Brb3
Cuileann MorgensternMember4Ran4
Dingle BerryMember3Cle3
Doctorzeus Member3Rog3
Dragonjon slayerMember1Pal1
Elwyn Member1Ran1
Favorsoul Member3Fvs3
Gemini Member2Pal2
Goddric The bezerkerMember4Brb4
Greander Member6Sor5/Fvs1
Gustav jaegerMember5Ran5
Jodka Member2Fig2
Johtan MultivusMember4Cle1/Rog2/Wiz1
Kendrao drowbreatheMember6Rog6
Kickbutt Member2Fig2
Klap Member3Sor3
Logrin Member3Fig3
Mattack The OddMember4Pal4
Maybie Member2Pal2
Moonnight Silver hookMember4Rog4
Morenarven the SavageMember3Brb3
Murdok Member3Pal3
Naroste talbaMember5Pal5
Neavia KimethMember3Fig3
Netharian Member3Brb3
Ninewoods Tango ClanMember2Ran2
Ninjatim thebeastmanMember2Fig1/Rog1
Nyssa Orcale of the HighMember3Mnk2/Fvs1
Procetor Warrior of LegendMember4Brb2/Ran2
Recckles SkryMember1Fig1
Rhyanna DarkChildMember3Fvs3
Rikku SilverStarMember4Fig4
Samkzk Member3Pal1/Wiz2
Sasca Member1Brb1
Syena BladeDancerMember3Brd3
Trapmaster Member1Rog1
Tsai Member3Wiz3
Wildwind Sword of the HighMember3Fig1/Pal2
Xelor Member3Brb1/Wiz2
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